With kids being required to use technology more and more each day, whether it be for a class, turning in an assignment or just entertainment. I feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to teach kids that photography is an art form. And a powerful one at that.

Through photography, kids can connect to their creativity, learn valuable life skills, build their confidence and find a way to express themselves all at the click of a button. I feel it’s my responsibility as a parent and an artist to not only share my work with my kids but also the work of other photographers.

Technology is literally in the palm of our hands 24/7 and with my kid’s love for it, it has become easier than ever to introduce them to photography. Especially if you have access to an iPad or other electronic device with a camera.

So come join us as we explore how to teach kids the art of photography in this multi-part video series!

In this first episode, Rock will teach your kids how to get started with their iPad cameras. He’ll show how to focus, change exposure and take a picture. Special thanks to B&H Photo for providing the iPad, and for sponsoring this series.