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Portrait Tips: Photograph the relationship

The one thing most worth photographing is the relationship between people. Everything else is documentary. When you make photographs, always be on the lookout for the photo that will reveal

Photographer of the Day: Manuel Buetti

Category: Children Photograph: “Straighten” by Manuel Buetti With a beautifully framed shot and subject, Manuel was able to tell a story in a single click. The fact it’s a child straightening art makes

Photographer of the Day: Sohail Karmani

Category: Children Photograph: “Street portrait of village girl” by Sohail Karmani To balance the light, Sohail used the sun to backlight the subject and applied fill flash to brighten the subject. This

Photographer of the Day: Michael Walker-Toye

Category: Children Photograph: “Best Friends Forever” by Michael Walker-Toye Michael captured a beautiful moment and made it timeless by choosing to process it as a black and white. The child’s outfit adds

Photographer of the Day: Vittorio Vida

Category: Children Photograph: “Different Interests” by Vittorio Vida Beautifully timed capture by Vittorio Vida. We see a child in a crowd looking in the opposite direction as everyone else. Instantly we wonder what

Photographer of the Day: Sohail Karmani

Category: Children Photograph: “Portrait of a Village Boy” by Sohail Karmani A powerful image by Sohail. The viewer is taken into the world of the little village boy. No shoes, a desolate place

Photographer of the Day: Brady

Category: Children Photograph: “Excitement” by Brady Brady captured a great candid shot of her girls at one of the most magical places on earth–Disneyland. The photo shows the excitement the girls

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Children Photograph: “Eimi ( First shot in 2017)” by Tomas Salinka Tomas did a great job at balancing the light when he captured his three years old little daughter. By

Photographer of the Day: Stephanie Stafford

Category: Children Photograph: “Rocker Chick” by Stephanie Stafford Stephanie did a great job capturing the little rocker’s personality. Her angle of view and use of a shallow depth of field keeps