I’m exhausted…in the best way. For three days straight, I had the absolute privilege of sitting in between my dear friend Chase Reynolds from LensRentals.com and the industry’s most successful photographers at Photoshop World. Talk about an education and emotional overload! As I sit back and think about the last week, I had to thank my lucky stars that I had a front row seat to learn about gear from the industry’s finest.

But it was more than just gear.

Chase and I experienced a first hand view on and off camera about the ups and downs of their career, the trials they face and the things that are most important to them. And soon you’re going to get the chance to listen to those interviews. And they will be beyond informative about the importance of gear and your work. But what I want to share with you now is what you didn’t hear and the things that I took away from these unique artists when the cameras were off.


Whether you’re Joe McNally shooting for National Geographic or Michael Bonocore shooting for humanitarian purposes, these photographers never stop learning. With the ever-changing technology and software options, they are not afraid to admit that even at their level, they must never…stop…learning.


There were many I chatted with who still got nervous to speak, who were overwhelmed by the tasks that lie ahead or wondered when and how the next big client would come. They were only as good as their last shoot and constantly had to beat the streets for their next gig. But just like everyone else, they still get nervous to perform. After all, they are human beings; individuals supporting families, juggling relationships, trying to pay bills, juggling their time and wanting to make a difference. And for all the time they give to educate, I applaud them.


There is a plethora of talented photographers in this world. But there was one thing that made this group of individuals stand out. Consistency. These photographers had ups and downs, failures and successes, but they were consistent in their efforts, consistent in their discipline and consistent in their communication to their clients and fan base.


I don’t remember interviewing one photographer who had only been shooting for one or two years. Dave Black didn’t get the cover of Sports Illustrated by shooting for a couple years. Tim Wallace didn’t get to shoot a Bentley by just buying the best camera. Peter Hurley didn’t just shoot a few head shots. Matt Kloskowski didn’t shoot award winning landscapes by shooting in his backyard. Experience, friends. They busted their booty climbing hundreds of tall mountains, they networked for years for a relationship, they proved themselves by showing their portfolio, and most importantly, they had thousands of photoshoots to put experience under their belt. And now, it’s finally paying off.

I can’t wait for you to watch and listen to these interviews. You’ll get to know Chase who is the LensRentals.com face of knowledge and experience plus get to know all the gear that is in the bag of the industry’s finest. And more than likely, you’ll hear my cackling giggle a time or two. :)