I was recently sent the Spiffy Speckular Core Kit along with the Spiffy Expansion Kit. The Speckular kit is a really unique daylight balanced LED light that can be configured into a variety of different shapes and sizes. It is fully dimmable and perfect for both video and stills.

What comes in the core kit?

In the kit you get four LED strips lights, each light measuring at 11-3/4 inches by 1.5 inches. It comes with four elbow connectors that connect your lights together and create different shapes. You also get one power supply and one set of mounting gear. In each kit, one light has the power bank and all three connecting lights will be dictated by that light strip. Then, once you plug them in and turn them on, you can dim and lighten the power of the lights. All four lights together can create upwards of more than 5,000+ lumens.

What I love about the product

This light is incredibly powerful. You can go from 1% to 100% smoothly and without any flicker. I also love that it is completely travel-friendly. You can quickly break down your setup in a matter of minutes, put it in the provided case (which is absolutely fantastic) and head on to your next location.

This light is extremely versatile and super portable. You can go from a ring light to a panel, to a strip or a star (if you purchase the additional accessory kit) within a matter of minutes. You can really just let your imagination go when it comes to setting up this light and in doing so, you get some amazing catchlights in your client’s eyes and create this extra “wow” in your images.

My concerns

Along with all of the good, there were a few things that slightly frustrated me with this light setup that you will want to consider before purchasing this core kit. The elbow connectors are not my favorite. They are made out of plastic and if you are not careful they can easily be broken. You also have to loosen all three nobs then layout your lighting setup before you start to connect everything. I really wish that each light was individually powered and that they could somehow be controlled and dimmed without being slaved to the master light. That would more control in your images and eliminate all the cords.

Once you start to use the Spekular Expansion Kit, which has the ability to create more complex lighting schemes by separating the kit into three individual but connected lights, you’ll see what I mean. There are cords everywhere that could become a safety hazard and frustrating if you tip over a light by snagging a cord while on set in the studio.

Final thoughts

The Spekular light is one of the most versatile lighting kits I have personally used. It is like having multiple lighting setups at the tips of your fingers while being very compact and portable, making traveling with your gear a breeze. It is an incredibly bright and constant light allowing you to light up any subject with minimal gear. The ability this light has to morph into any shape and create incredible dynamic catch lights is all I need to see supersede some of the downfalls of this light. I would highly recommend this light if you want to push the creative envelope when it comes to your photography. You can purchase the Spekular kit from B&H for $499.