What is a snoot? A snoot is just a funny name for a piece of equipment — generally a tube or similar object such as a conical, cylindrical or rectangular shape — that fits over a studio light or portable flash.

It allows you to control the direction or area of coverage of the light. Basically, it makes the light more focused and concentrated by directing your light and focusing it. This makes the coverage very narrow and the light falls-off very sharply giving you a harsher or harder light.

Adding a grid

Personally, I like the snoot and grid combo because it produces a very tightly controlled beam of light, which comes can come in handy in certain shots. It’s great for moody or editorial shoots and in a pinch can function as a hair light. The grid also softens the light by making into many small lights instead of single-point source and that makes it a little more gentle.

A grid and snoot are some of my favorite things to have on hand. I love using it as a hair light for a portrait session.

This quick video shows you how to make a snoot for speedlights using a Pringles can and drinking straws, and it works remarkably well.

I love experimenting with different snoots and grids and this one by far is my favorite budget friendly version. It’s quick, easy and super functional. So if you’re new to photography and can’t afford a snoot, or if you’re someone who doesn’t like to buy something without trying it, give this one a try!