Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and it’s a day to spend time with friends and family. With everyone around, it’s a great time to shoot family photos that can be shared with the family or used for Christmas cards.

Need some last-minute pointers? I’ve gone through thousands of articles in the Photofocus archive and pulled out some of the very best tips for shooting family portraits.

Putting Family Back into Photography – Rich Harrington

Rich takes a look at how his family has influenced his photography.

One Simple Tip for Great Family Portraits – Levi Sim

Levi shares one of the greatest tips to get great reactions in your group family portraits.

Bounced Flash for Casual Shooting – Erika Thornes

Erika shares how to bounce a flash indoors to add ambient light to the room so you’ll never have to worry about getting good light.

Perfect Pose for an Infant with Photoshops Quick and Easy Masking Tools – Vanelli

Vanelli shows a really easy Photoshop trick for removing a parent’s hands from holding an infant.

One Simple Pose to Help Everyone Look Great – Levi Sim

If you’re using a light, Levi shares a simple pose to make anybody look their best.

Tools to Create a Narrative Slideshow – Vanelli

Every family member has a story, and Vanelli shares how to capture memories and make a narrative slideshow.

Festival lights = Fun with your camera – Kevin Ames

Kevin shares how to get some really cool abstract shots using Christmas lights.

You’ve taken great photos all year long and what a better way to share them with your family than a quick and easy slideshow in Lightroom.

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