Editor’s Note: Vanelli has used a pre-production model of the Platypod Ultra that we were sent for test shooting.  The units are on Kickstarter now, but only until Sunday, July 25, 2017.  Consider ordering one if you want to get the product first.

Tripods are a great tool to steady a shot and keep the subject in focus.  Sometimes their size prevents them from being placed in the exact position you need to capture a shot. This is where a Platypod fits in. Here’s how I used the new Platypod Ultra to keep the camera low to capture a reflection.

Setting up the Reflection

This is a pretty easy setup.

Step 1: We took a trip to Home Depot and purchased a piece of smoked plexiglass.

Step 2: Using a black background, we placed it under the plexiglass on a table even with the subject. This kept the glass dark and the subject at the right angle.

Lighting the Set

We placed two stripboxes with grids facing each other and position the subject in between them.  A beauty dish directly in front of the subject supplied the fill light.

Low Angle Shot with the Platypod Ultra

Framing the shot wasn’t easy. We tried using a Tripod but we couldn’t get it close enough. Hand holding the camera worked, but framing changed from shot to shot. In situations like these, this is when a Platypod shines. We attached a ball head to the Platypod and placed it on the edge of the plexiglass. Framed our shot and started taking pictures.

Do you have to use a Platypod to capture this shot? Absolutely not. You can hand hold the camera or try and rig your tripod to get closer. It’s like using the wrong size screwdriver, you can get it to work, but you have to try harder. A Platypod is that all around specialty tool that just fits right.

Check out the Platypod Ultra over on Kickstarter.  The campaign ends June 25, 2017.

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