Over the weekend, I was presented with a firmware update message for my Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet (B&H | Amazon). This tablet has been a staple of my workflow since I first received it for review two years ago.

I went to do the firmware update, and for whatever reason, it kept failing on my Mac. And unlike driver updates, firmware updates have to be installed through the Wacom Desktop Center. I couldn’t just download a file.

So how did I fix this and get the firmware update installed?

Check your Mac’s privacy settings

After doing some research, I was a bit confused. I remember having to add the WacomTabletDriver function to my Mac’s privacy settings. But it seems like everything wasn’t there. Specifically, in the Input Monitoring tab, I was missing FirmwareUpdater and WacomTabletDriver.

So how did I add these in there?

First, click the lock and enter your Mac’s password. This will make it so you can add new items to the list.

Accessibility section

Then, open up a new Finder window. Click Go > Go to Folder. Here, copy and paste the following, and click Go.


Drag and drop the com.wacom.IOManager.app file to the Accessibility section. Make sure it’s checked.

If you have other Wacom files in the Accessibility section like I did, don’t worry about them.

Input Monitoring section

In your Finder window, click Go > Go to Folder and paste in the following:

/Applications/Wacom Tablet/.Tablet

Click Go. If you have trouble, you might have to force the Finder to show hidden files. To do this, press Command + Shift + “.”

Drag and drop WacomTabletDriver and FirmwareUpdater to the Input Monitoring tab. Make sure they’re both checked.

Restart, and try again

Once you do this, click the lock to make sure you won’t make any other changes. Then restart your machine, and try the firmware update again. It should complete within a matter of minutes, and you’ll be up and running again.