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Don’t forget to style the photoshoot

Sometimes photographers can get so wrapped up with the technical side of a photoshoot that they forget to add a key element that makes the purpose of the image clear.

Techniques for panning

In this video, Natalie Fobes explains the most effective techniques for panning in motion-centric photographs. For more LinkedIn Learning videos about photography, click here. There are times that you want

Photographer of the Day: Mark Fletcher

Category: Sports Photographer: Mark Fletcher Photo: “Sarfraz Ahmed – England vs Pakistan 19th May 2019” Mark’s photograph of a cricket match is perfect for showcasing the sport. You can see the

Photographer of the Day: Dan Luner

Category: Sports Photographer: Dan Luner Photo: “Beer League Bros” As a hockey fan, I couldn’t help but choose this photograph for this week. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs officially concluded,

Single image HDR: The sundae technique

If you’re just like me, you don’t walk around your photoshoots with a tripod and don’t (or can’t) take multiple images to create a bracketed HDR. Well, good news my

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Category: Sports Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “The Main Event 5, Championnat du Monde IBO des Poids Super-Légers, M.Mimoune/E.Dominguez Rodriguez, Palais des Sports, Levallois” The sport of boxing always interests me,

Photographer of the Day: Brian Barbash

Category: Sports Photographer: Brian Barbash Photo: “Zen” In this photograph, Brian captures his son, Tyler, in a “brief zen moment of calm before the beginning of his high bar routine.” The

Shutter Priority and when to use it

Shutter Priority exposure mode is a fantastic tool for controlling how motion appears in your final image. This exposure mode allows the photographer to set the shutter speed while the

The advantage of Auto ISO

In photography, ISO is a rating of your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. A lower ISO like 50 or 100 means that the sensor will require longer shutter speeds and