Most people refer to it as a clothes pin; in Hollywood it’s referred to as a C-47. They were named that way because back in the day there were 47 pins in a pack. The C stands for clamp, hence C-47.

C-47 clamps

We’ll take them and reverse the way they clamp so that they have more of a pinch tip to grab stuff better:

Colored clamps

I like using these economical tools for clamping gels to lights and softboxes. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores sells them in different sizes and colors.

red c47 - clamps

I like using the medium clamps to secure gels inside small to medium softboxes.

Lrg C47 clamps

The large clamps are great for securing gels onto grids on softboxes.

This is just one of many ways standard household items can come in handy on a photoshoot.

That’s a wrap — fade to black.