Behind the scenes photos can be some of the most memorable images that are taken before the photoshoot begins. One trick that I’ve learned over the years was that there are a lot of amazing shots to be had offset and before the “actual” shoot begins.

What creating behind the scenes images can do

It’s also a great way to build camaraderie with your model and crew. I am a true believer in building trust early.

Photographing models and talent in the makeup chair or while prepping cannot only get you some fantastic shots, but it can also give you a lot of insight into how the model will be on set. Are they shy, or are they ready to take over the world? Knowing this can help gauge how to direct them on set.

If they are shy, building the friendship early not only helps both of you to get better shots but it also helps to strengthen the bond. This strategy can even work for models and talent that you have worked with quite a bit. It’s a lot easier to warm your subject up offset without the intimidation of the lights and the stress if performing. It can also be a lot of fun.

If you sense that the model is shy, you can always just break out your mobile device and grab some shots. The latest mobile devices are getting surprising good.

While you’re at it, try adding a “Behind the Scenes” section to your website. It’s a great way to stand apart from the competition and show your potential clients some interesting shots. It also helps show that you have a good command of your set. Most photographers have a least a few of cool behind the scenes shots to start with.

behind the scenes

How these images can help you and others

These days it’s important to go above and beyond to not only show your vision and talent in your portfolio or website, but also to show the story and hard work that went into making the shot. I have landed many shoots by having an extensive behind the scenes section on my website. This is also where Instagram stories shine. It’s generally a good thing to be focused in your style and adding a little back story is the icing on the cake.

So don’t be afraid to jump in and grab some extra behind the scenes shots. You never know what kind of magic can happen.

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