The Weekly Wrap-Up features articles from this week on Photofocus. This week, Bryan Esler talks about pricing your photography, Vanelli shows us the best way to organize photos and Julie Powell introduces us to still life photography. Plus, Mykii Liu discusses the best resolution for your monitor and Bob Coates dives in to panoramic photography. Enjoy!

Photography Marketing: The pricing conversation - I’ve heard it too many times. Nightmare stories around pricing — a client understood this, we never talked about that and on and on. While pricing is often hard to talk about with clients, it really shouldn’t be. When everything is clear, it either works for them, or it doesn’t. Here’s how to avoid that […]
The best way to organize your photos - Organizing your photos don’t seem important until you need to find them fast. In this video from Developing a naming convention for your files from Learning ON1 Photo RAW by Vanelli (Me), I show photographers how to save time and frustration by creating proper folders and subfolders to organize and store images. Developing a naming […]
An introduction to still life photography - (Editor’s note: This guest article is by Julie Powell who lives in Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia. She is an award-winning still life photographer who loves to share her passion for this genre with others. She also loves helping other photographers learn this part of the craft. See more of her work on her website. Enjoy!) The art of […]
What resolution monitor should you buy as a photographer — 1080p or 4K? - When it comes to monitor resolutions, there are really two monikers that are being thrown around today — 1080p and 4K. While 1080p screens look good for monitors that are smaller than 27″, 4K tends to be what is recommended by the local Best Buy salesperson if you want a high resolution screen that is […]
How to get high megapixel files with the camera you already have - Many photographers feel that they are limited in the final file size by the number of megapixels provided by their camera. In a way that’s true. In this tutorial I’ll give you a workaround to create huge, single image files with the camera you are currently using. Go big or go home In another post […]