The Weekly Wrap-Up features articles from the last seven days of Photofocus. This week, Lauri Novak explained how to check our camera’s shutter count, Michèle Grenier gives us her final decision on switching to mirrorless, Levi Sim discusses using speedlights for portraits with waterfalls, Vanelli dives into the new Accent AI 2.0 with portraits and Chris Anson tells us how to register our drone with the FAA. Thanks for joining us this week on Photofocus!

How many actuations does my camera have? - I recently bought a new camera and will be using my older version for a backup. This means I have another old, older version sitting around unused. I decided to sell it and in the process of doing so, I wanted to check to see how many actuations (shutter clicks) it has so I could […]
I did it … I switched to mirrorless! - Yes, I said it!!! I sold my DSLRs and bought a brand new, out of the box, mirrorless camera body. Here is the last of my “DSLR to mirrorless” journey articles with (of course!) the big announcement of who between the Olympus OM-D E-M1X or the Sony a9 stole my heart! A Tinder-like adventure I […]
Portrait Tips: Waterfalls and speedlights - What’s not to love about making portraits in front of waterfalls? Beautiful place, beautiful people, water spraying your camera, nothing going the way you had in mind — it’s a blast! When you photograph a bride and groom in front of a waterfall, you need that smooth water look. If you use a fast shutter […]
Utilizing Luminar’s Accent AI 2.0 for portrait retouching - Skylum Software’s latest update to Luminar 3 includes an all-new “human aware” Accent AI 2.0. The previous version did a great job automatically improving color, detail, tone and depth of an image but now, the new version pushes its artificial intelligence further by recognizing people in the photo and providing skin tone adjustments selectively for […]
Hobbyist Drone flyers must register their drones with the FAA - here's how How to register your drone with the FAA as a recreational flyer - This is a follow-up article to Hobbyist drone flyers must register their drones. As of February 23, 2019, even if you are flying your drone for fun and recreation, and not for business purposes, you need to register your drone with the FAA. You’ll register under Section 336. The good news is that you only […]