The Photofocus Community has been continuing to grow. With that comes interesting engagement and conversations. Questions and answers. There are daily themes, weekly challenges and, of course, images shared.

This week in the community, we had a couple of interesting discussions I’d like to share with you.

Lensbaby discussion for #FloralFriday


Community member Rich shared this image with the following caption:

“I took this one this morning picking a flower from the front yard. I was trying out a new lens and I have not been happy with it so far. This is the best image I got from it. I have a hard time getting anything sharp even though my camera has manual focus zebra striping to tell me when I am in focus. I guess I will have to practice more with it. Part of this image is in decent focus but realize I ran this through Topaz Sharpen AI. At f11 and f22 I can get the sweet spot in focus. But not at other f-stops. Photographed with the Lensbaby Sweet 35 at f11.”

Being the Community Manager, I knew there were other Lensbaby users in the community. I tagged a couple of them to see if they could offer Rich some help with his new lens.

Here are a couple of images Susan shared to help Rich. She used her Lensbaby Edge 50.

To read the rest of the conversation and participate, head over to the community here.

Selling your work online

This article was published here on Photofocus and shared in the Community. There are so many aspects to selling your photography online that it’s great to get input, suggestions, what works, what doesn’t and any other information from those who are currently selling or have in the past.

Jim Hughes said he’d like to see more discussion on this topic in the community and a few others chimed in as well. My two cents is almost always, “no matter where you sell or what you do, you have to market yourself and your own work.”


A few of our members chimed in with their own experiences. How about you? Do you have experience selling your photography online? You can add your own comments and read the rest of the conversation here.

Favorite images of the week

This week we had some great submissions to our daily themes and a couple of behind-the-scenes set-ups to show us how our members got the shot.

For #MountainMonday, Tami Bevis shared this wonderful image.

Jim Hughes submitted this colorful rainy image for the #WordlessOnWednesday theme.


Here is a lovely #FloralFriday shot from Jennifer Gourdin.

Susan Liepa added this interesting image to the #SportsSunday theme.


For the Weekly Challenge, Julie Powell asked our members to share their behind-the-scenes information to help us all learn how they created their images. You can see Glenn Smith’s BTS setup for his mushrooms in this image. To see the result check it out in the Photo Challenges Group.


Join us in the Photofocus Community

Do you have your own helpful tips, information or experiences you can share about either the Lensbaby lenses or selling your work online? Are you looking for a photography community where you can share images, ask for input, learn and grow your own photography? Join us in the Photofocus Community. You’ll find daily themes, weekly challenges and more. Hope to see you there!