Lensbaby is a company all about bringing creativity into photography. Taking you beyond the tech side and pushing you past the limitation of your equipment, combining it with a wild, creative side.

Doing so allows you to take your photography so much further, turning a pretty photo into a work of art. This is where you get to lose yourself in the pleasure and the challenge of photography.

Why is creativity so hard for some people hard? Simply put, it’s because there are no hard rules to follow. There is no standard cookie-cutter approach that works every time. Creativity is what makes photography such a challenge. It never gets boring because your options for creativity are endless. And with Lensbaby, your options open up even more.

Four effects that Lensbaby can create

Lensbaby has a huge collection of lenses each one creating its own unique effect. After experimenting with an assortment of their gear I feel like they have four main effects their lenses create.

First up — the sweet effect. You achieve this effect by using their Sweet 35, 50, Sol 45/22 and Trio 28. These lenses allow you to spotlight your subject in a sharp, round sweet spot of focus. This creates a super smooth blur and bokeh around your subject.

Next is the edge effect. You would use the Edge 35 and 50 lenses and optics to create this look. This draws the viewer’s eye, highlight details in the foreground and background, and blurs out distractions. A lot of people also use these lenses to get a magical miniature look by shooting from up above, at a brighter aperture and with a heavy tilt.

The third effect is the velvet effect. The Velvet 28, 56, 85 and Trio 28 create this effect. These lenses give you tack sharp detail in your images by simply changing your aperture, while maintaining the depth and dimension of your background.

Velvet 85

And finally, the swirl effect. You would get this effect with the Twist 60, Burnside 35 and Trio 28. When using these lenses you will see a powerful swirly bokeh and vignette around your subject.

To me, Lensbaby is one of the leading companies in creating creative gear for photographers. They are constantly pushing the envelope. Allowing photographers the ability to create incredible effects in-camera and eliminating the need for post-processing.

In addition to their lenses, Lensbaby also has an OMNI filter line that is absolutely incredible. Coupled with their lenses, the possibilities of your creativity can become truly endless.