Help! We all need it once in a while. In the Photofocus Community, we have a private group just for that reason.

Our Photo Assist Group is a place where you can post your images and get some assistance. Maybe you’re learning a new technique or there is something you feel isn’t quite right about an image you’ve created. Perhaps you are looking for help with editing and other post-processing options for an image. We’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the Photo Assist group

The Photo Assist group is a place for our members to get some help with their images if they want it. Join our community and post in the group for help with:

  • A technique you’re trying to learn
  • Something about an image you’ve created just doesn’t feel right
  • Editing and post-processing options

In order to make this beneficial for everyone — both the member asking for help and the members offering assistance — the group does come with some guidelines.

Guidelines for posting an image

Please follow these guidelines when submitting an image for feedback in the Photo Assist group.

  1. Post one main photo. If you have before/after photos or lighting setups, for example, you can add those to the comments of your post.
  2. You must include the following in your post:
    1. Camera used
    2. Lens used (if a zoom lens tell us what focal length the shot was made at)
    3. Aperture
    4. Shutter Speed
    5. ISO
    6. Also include any other details, lighting, placement of light, any modifiers, etc.
  3. Include in your description:
    1. Why did you take the photo?
    2. What was your main goal for this image?
    3. Do you feel like you achieved your goal?
    4. What is it you would change about your image

The more information given, the more the group will be able to help you.

photo assist

Guidelines for commenting and helping with member images

Please follow these guidelines when commenting and helping others.

  1. Be positive and helpful. Instead of telling someone what is wrong with an image, provide them with information that will help them improve the image.
  2. Tell us WHY you are making the comment you’re making.
  3. Be specific.
  4. Avoid personal bias and opinion – this isn’t about what you like or dislike personally, it’s about helping the other person improve their photo. Be as objective as possible.
  5. Avoid statements that offer no direction.
  6. Comment on both the technical and artistic aspects of the photograph.
  7. Be constructive.
  8. Remember, we all started somewhere and we all have something we can still learn.
  9. If you do not understand something, always ask questions to the photographer of their intentions and reasons to shoot a particular image that way.
  10. Look at the basics of an image, composition, technical issues and also how it makes you feel.

It’s a great way to learn and help others

When giving critiques or asking for help on our own images it becomes a learning experience for both parties. In teaching we learn is one thing I took away from several mentorship programs I’ve participated in. Talking about our images in a positive and constructive way is good practice.

In the beginning, it’s sometimes difficult to put into words what it is we were capturing, how we felt and why we took an image, to begin with. I still struggle with this after many years of creating images. By continually asking for help and by helping others with what you do know, you both gain from the process.

Join the community

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