This week’s podcast interviews photographers Cindy Harter Sims about printmaking and competitions. Then we catch up with well-known glamour photographer Lou Freeman. Tune in and get inspired.

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Cindy Harter Sims

Cindy Harter is a portrait photographer located in Cartersville, GA. Her philosophy for her life and her business is Live Independently. Feel Intimately. Love Courageously. She shares her philosophy on making images that inspire.

  • Who is Cindy?
  • How does she describe her work and who does she photograph?
  • Live independently, feel intimately & love courageously
  • Learning from WPPIs print competition.
  • How many years has Cindy been entering the print competition?
  • How has is change her approach to taking photographs?
  • Are trends good or bad?
  • Who prints her work?
  • How what you print on can make a difference in your work?
  • Prepping and understand what you need to do to enter for the first time.
  • Word of mouth is everything
  • Family affair and working with her family
  • Keeping art bright
  • Art in your life is a gift
  • Feeling the moments of knowing where you are supposed to be
  • Remind yourself how far youve come
  • Where can you find Cindy?

Lou Freeman

Lou Freeman is a Master Fashion, Glamour, and Beauty Photographer whos career has spanned 3 decades with a focus on advertising, fashion and celebrity portraits. This interview is from the busy show floor at WPPI, so there is a little background noise.

  • Who is Lou Freeman?
  • What does she do?
  • How does she emotionally support her clients?
  • Everything can be made to look beautiful
  • Shift in her career and what she learned?
  • What can you communicate with your eyes?
  • Ask for a better pose rather than Don’t do this because Speak in the positive and never in the negative to your client.
  • People show stress in how they hold their hands and in their neck/shoulders
  • Its up to the photographer to create the mood and scene
  • Working with those who elevate you and your work and vise versa.
  • Collaborating with a stylist and why?
  • No matter who they are go to the lengths
  • Try to make the most out of every chance you have to get the image.
  • Color, impact and celebrity draws people to your portfolio.
  • Take care of yourself as a photographer. What you put out there is what you are showing the world.
  • Dress like your price point.
  • What is one lighting tool that every photographer should know?
  • Learn how to keyword and SEO your website
  • Where can you find Lou?