Today, Sigma has announced the availability of Firmware v2.0 for the Sigma fp. The update includes several new features, updates and a bug fix.

New features include creation and playback of Cinemagraphs, CinemaDNG footage playback and still capture during live view and movie shooting. Also new in Firmware v2.0:

  • Still image capture from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the Sigma fp
  • HDR in movie shooting
  • Still and movie shooting in Director’s Viewfinder mode

Function updates and enhancements include:

  • Support for Dual Base ISO (ISO 100 and 3200)
  • Improved autofocus performance
  • Improved accuracy with evaluative exposure metering
  • Improved image quality
  • Supports CinemaDNG 25 and 29.97 fps (UHS 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 fps (FHD 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps (FHD 8 bit and 10 bit) shooting
  • Bug fix for flickering phenomenon in dark video footage

For a complete look at Firmware v2.0 for the Sigma fp, check out the video below.

To see more details and to download the update, visit Sigma’s website.