A lot can go into photographing and editing portraits. Between the lighting, the composition and making your subject “pop,” it takes a lot of work to refine your portrait workflow.

If you love taking portraits but aren’t achieving the results you want, you’ll love the new Dynamic Portrait Masterclass with Joel Grimes.

Follow along with Joel as he teaches his whole process on multiple different photoshoots, to help you capture the depth, emotion and character present in every portrait. He’ll walk through how to plan and setup a shoot with the final look in mind, and teaches his techniques for overpowering the sun using flash, as well as other lighting techniques. From there, Joel will show you his entire retouching workflow.

This masterclass features a whopping 30 lessons for over nine hours of training!

Join Joel as he walks you through his process of lighting, editing, composition and more. Normally $197, the Dynamic Portrait Masterclass with Joel Grimes is on sale for a limited time for just $57!