One of the groundbreaking features that came to Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro lineup was Macro mode. This allows photographers and videographers to take amazing up-close shots with their iPhones like never before. Just move your phone toward your subject and you’ll get a slight shift in the camera that will switch you to the new Macro mode, providing you with a sharpness unmatched by a typical smartphone camera lens.

But what if you want to take Macro mode a step further when filming video? With a few tricks you can utilize Macro mode for amazing up-close video shots.

In this video from Luke Edwin, he shows us how to go about capturing smooth macro video with your iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. Learn how to avoid that camera shift when zooming in on your subject and how to utilize digital zoom to push your camera even closer to the object. He also discusses focusing and using a camera slider for those smooth panning and zooming shots.

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