Hopefully you’ve started on your holiday shopping and aren’t waiting till the last minute to get things out for people. If you’re short on ideas, here’s a list of main gifts that an Apple iPhone photographer or videographer techie would enjoy. I say that these are main gifts, because well… they’re not cheap :D

Polaroid ZIP printer

ZIP Printer

This little printer is a nice portable printer that allows you to print out 2×3 prints instantly without any smudging! It connects through Bluetooth 4.0 to an app for iOS and Android and utilizes Polaroid’s ZINK technology (Zero Ink) when it prints. It’s pretty nifty and is a bit cheaper than one of my all time favorite printers, the Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Printer. The ZIP printer holds 10 sheets of paper and can print up to 25 on a charge, which is less than what the Fujifilm will do, but the paper is a lot cheaper than Instax film. The paper sheets can be bought at 20, 30, or 50 sheet packs. A 50 Sheet pack is $25 on Amazon and the Printer is $130 to give you an idea. The prints are edge to edge as well.

Fei-Yu G4 Pro 3-Axis Stabilizer for iPhone

Feiyu G4 Pro for iPhone

Gosh, any 3-Axis Gimbal system would be fantastic to have, but what about one specifically for the iPhone? This guy is available at the Apple store and is a pretty neat little addition for those who want those silky smooth video clips filmed in 4K on the iPhone 6s! This would be fantastic for those who don’t have a GoPro and want to be able to utilize the awesome functionality of the iPhone and the apps available on the iPhone. The gimbal system is battery powered and has a couple different modes of control. It also has a joystick for movement control. Feiyu makes gimbal systems for the GoPro as well, this one just happens to be specifically for the iPhone though (it’s special :D). Make this your for $299 at the Apple store.

Apogee/Sennheiser Clip Mic

Apogee Clip Mic

This little lavaliere microphone is similar to those awesome little wireless mics made buy Sennheiser. The difference? Well, this one connects to your iPhone/iPad! There are a couple other iOS device capable microphones, but I haven’t seen an adaptation like this one for this cheap. The ClipMic is an omnidirectional condenser microphone that connects to a lightning port, which makes it quick and easy to connect to those Apple devices, and still allows you to use headphones on your iOS device to monitor the sound coming in and out through the external converter. Apogee uses a 24-Bit/96 kHz sampling rate when it’s connected to those iOS devices and captures great sound while cancelling out background noise. Grab the mic for $200. Common places are on Apple.com or BandH.com.

Moment Lenses

Moment Macro Lens

Moment has created amazing lenses and systems for various iPhones. The cool thing about this lens system is that it doesn’t require a case for the lens to mount. There’s a mounting plate that allows you to fixate the lens right on to the phone without increasing the bulk of the mass. The lenses are made to not distort the image. The quality of the glass helps maximize what your iPhone can really take in, whether it be macro, telephoto or wide angle. Each lens is about $100. I’ve got a couple friends that swear by this, and they take some great photos with this combined with the VSCO app on the iPhone. The macro lens even comes with a diffuser around the lens so you can get some nice soft light around your subject! Found at Momentlens.co. Imagine combining this with the Feiyu Gimbal!!

The Impossible Instant Photo Lab

Instant Photo Lab

A while back, the Impossible Project bought out Polaroid’s Instant film factory and protected some of the memories that many of us grew up with. I’m a bit of a nut for film stuff, so this would be pretty neat to have. Any pseudo-hipster would agree with me. It’s pretty neat though, you end up using your phone to cast light onto Polaroid or Impossible Project instant film, thus creating instant prints from your iPhone! They have an app that basically makes it fool proof for you to print out something weird. The lab itself is $169. Each set of film varies from from around $22 bucks for a pack of 8. More info can be found at shop.the-impossible-project.com.

Nova Flash

Nova Flash

This little handy portable light is great for anyone capturing anything on an iPhone. It has an app that allows you to adjust the luminosity of the light and lets you really get creative with how powerful a bunch of LEDs can be! There’s settings to make the light warmer or cooler. External flashes and lights are always fantastic for every photographer and videographer and for $60 bucks, you can’t really beat it! It uses a rechargeable battery and connects wirelessly though bluetooth with your phone. Check it out on Amazon.com

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

While it is its own device, you might as well grab one for the sake of using the wireless camera shutter function! I own one of these, but I think other people would love it as well. It’s a device that gives you all the great notifications that you need from your phone without being rude and pulling out your phone. The live-view function on the camera is fantastic for those increasingly popular self-timed group shots– because those are the new selfies sans the selfie stick. Besides that, it helps you find your ping your phone and get your heart rate as well. A wireless camera shutter that lets you know that you’re still alive? I’ll buy 10. Starts at $349 for the 38mm Sport. $399 for the 42mm Sport.