One of the things I struggle with is organizing my cell phone images. On my iPhone, I can set up galleries or streams but I don’t always use them. QuickPics is offering a solution to tag and organize your mobile photos, and so far I love where theyre heading.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on my mobile phone, I don’t have time to go back and tag everything. Some are family, some friends, and some are just for reference for projects Im currently working on.

QuickPics offers a great way to select your photos to tag. Simply press Select and then click-and-drag around the screen to your photos. You can drag left, right, up, or down and quickly selects large groups of photos to tag. Then you can press the pencil at the bottom and add up to 5 tags to that set of images. After youve been tagging for a bit, QuickPics will also suggest tags for your images so you don’t have to type it every time.

Another cool feature is the editing and frame options. Theres even one for blemishes, although I don’t know if Id be retouching on my phone. Maybe when my iPhone 6 Plus comes in, the screen will be big enough to do some light editing.

Sharing your photos is really easy too, featuring integration with Messages, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

While QuickPics is definitely a cool way to tag your images, its not perfect. (Ha, whats that?) I haven’t found any app thats perfect yet. Even Lightroom Mobile has some downsides. Every time you launch QuickPics, it has to sync with your photo library. On my current phone, that can take upwards of 15 seconds before I can enter the app.

Another issue comes when you want to export images to your computer. Your tags don’t transfer, and the photos are stripped of all metadata. This includes camera data, phone data, and GPS data. Id like to have the option to import my photos into a program like Lightroom on my laptop and have all the tags and camera data stay intact. If I export an image from the native iOS Photos app, the metadata stays.

A few cons aside, QuickPics is a great way to start organizing your mobile photo library. The best part is theyre still new to the scene and hopefully will keep innovating to become a complete solution. QuickPics is only available for iOS right now, with plans to release for Android in the near future. You can register to receive updates on the QuickPics app website for the Android release here: or download on the iTunes Store here: