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Where to Store Your Model Release Forms

Recently I wrote about how Digital model or property release forms have made it easy for photographers to always have a release handy. Now the next step is where to

Fast & Easy Photo Keywording from the Cloud

If you ask a random group of photographers what their favorite things about photography are, odds are “spending hours keywording images” is not on anyone’s list! Keywording is a task that

Creating a Lightroom Folder Structure

The first rule in creating a Lightroom catalog is to develop a folder structure that makes sense to you. Following these simple tips will ensure your Lightroom catalog will be organized and efficient.

Creating a Production Book

Working with a group of people can be difficult. Whether its a photographer, the client, models, or crew, they all have needs. It’s the job of a producer to keep

Conform: Meaningful Folder Structures

After consolidating source media on the DAM drives, everything is now in one place. Along the way, it is likely that some duplicate data has been created and some media has been copied that we really do not need. At this point, the DAM drives look something like this:

Conquering Lightroom’s Import Window

Lightroom’s powerful import feature can be intimidating. “Conquering Lightroom’s Import Window” guides you through a few simple steps to make the process fast and easy.