Still planning a fall photography shoot? Among the most important details to note are the best times to go and where the best spots are. There are many tools to help you pin these down, including fall foliage maps that show the progressive changing of the leaves.

Travel brand recently released their Fall Foliage Prediction Map as a visual planning tool for travelers — and photographers — who want to catch peak fall colors. It’s one of the most beautiful and vibrant times of the year, and definitely not to be missed! We’re already at the peak season but there’s still time for some last few trips. So, make it count!

Data-driven fall foliage prediction

David Angotti, a statistical expert and founder of, has been using his Airline Transport Pilot training in weather patterns and meteorological tools to develop this annual project. He shared that the foliage map utilizes several data sources to accurately predict the peak fall foliage. These include historical temperatures, historical precipitation, forecast temperatures and forecast precipitation from NOAA, historical leaf peak trends, peak observation trends, model outputs from previous years and average daylight exposure.

The data was then used to develop a baseline fall date for each county in the continental United States. “With a high degree of accuracy, the algorithm produces nearly 50,000 date outputs indicating the progression of fall for every county in a graphical presentation that is easy to digest,” Angotti said.

As with any meteorological forecast, the foliage prediction can’t be 100% accurate. But, Angotti and his team are confident with their decade-long experience in developing and publishing annual fall foliage map using data sources, process, and algorithm.

The best spots to catch peak foliage

Haven’t decided yet on where to go to capture the gorgeous fall landscapes? Now that you have a fall map showing when and where the peak happens, you’d want to narrow down your search for top shooting locations. Fortunately, also shared their recommendations for the top spots in all 50 states. Their “Ultimate Leaf Peeping Guide” has more than 100 stunning fall viewing spots. So, you’re never short of sprawling landscapes and lush foliage to capture well until November.

Check out’s 2021 Fall Foliage and Nationwide Fall Leaf Map here.