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Photograph: Emanuele UbOldi “barber street”

This photograph by Emanuele showcases the street life of Rajasthan, India, in which case a barber is working on a shave. There’s a few reasons why I love this photograph. First and foremost, it defines the Indian culture well. Not only with the people present, but with the rags hanging on the clothesline, the colorful painted walls and the patterned mirrors.

The photograph also does a great job of drawing us in and making us “present” with the two men, as if they were finishing the shave right before us. It’s edited well, with a slight desaturated look, and is crystal sharp.

Oftentimes the lines between travel and street photography blur, and this is one of those instances. The ability to capture a specific culture is key for any travel photography on the street.

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