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Travel Photography

Photographing portraits during Golden Hour

Shooting with speedlights on-location is a great way to be mobile, creative and light! We all know how heavy camera equipment can be. Speedlights on-location allows you to have the

Photographer of the Day: Emanuele UbOldi

Category: Travel Photograph: Emanuele UbOldi “barber street” This photograph by Emanuele showcases the street life of Rajasthan, India, in which case a barber is working on a shave. There’s a

Photographer of the Day: Amaurie Ramirez

Category: Travel Photograph: Amaurie Ramirez “Piramide de Kukulcán – Chichén Itzá” I was drawn to Amaurie’s photograph of the El Castillo in Mexico because of one initial reason — the

Lisa Robinson's weekly History of Photography Column

History of Photography: Mobile Studios

As long as photography remained chained to any sort of wet plate process, photographers found themselves encumbered by massive hardships in order to “take the show on the road”. However,