Category: Nature

Photographer: Don Komarechka “Through the Looking Glass”

I am a huge fan of Don Komarechka’s macro work, and I’m always thrilled to see the new photos he shares with our group. The photos themselves are always incredibly well done, with great attention to detail, but Don always goes the extra mile and shares a lot of very helpful information about each photograph to help anyone wishing to achieve a similar result. It is this combination of excellence and professionalism that has made him no stranger to the Photographer of the Day award. As Don explain’s on the photo detail page on Flickr, this photo was no happy accident, but rather the culmination of a lot of intention and determination. As with any great photographer, Don focused not just on his subject, but on the background, and all the extra detail that took this shot to the next level. Thanks for sharing with our group!

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on Flickr here.

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