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Photograph: Lanterns Everywhere by Benjo Rulona

“Mesmerizing” is the first word that pops into my head when describing Benjo Rulona’s image “Lanterns Everywhere”. The number of lanterns could have become overwhelming, bordering on the abstract.  Repeating shapes and patterns in artwork walk a fine line between interesting and confusing, but the photographer made some smart choices in creating this image to avoid that.  The low angle of the image is probably the most important choice made, giving us a sense of scale, depth, and awe. The alternating bands of cool white, and warm orange also help break up the lanterns, adding structure and sense to the scene.

Although the foreground makes up a relatively small part of the composition, it anchors the image, giving us a sense of place in the statuary and temple steps.  It also provides symmetry and contrasting color with the little pops of green in the planters.  Most important, however, is the lone woman near the steps.  She provides some important scale and depth to the scene, making us feel as if we are there and staring up at this cathedral of lights. You want to witness the scene with the photographer, in my book that’s the mark of a great composition!

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr group

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