Sigma makes lenses that constantly garner great reviews. Then there’s the 200mm to 500mm f/2.8 green 35 pound, $25,999.00 behemoth affectionately nicknamed the “Bigma.” Check out these reviews from

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TOP 100 REVIEWER on March 7, 2016
Style: Canon DSLR Cameras
A co-worker has one of those camera lens coffee mugs and is always yammering on about how it shows how much he’s into photography. So I got this, removed the optics, and turned it into a significantly bigger mug and shut my co-worker up. $25,000 well spent.
on April 21, 2017
I bought one of these to impress my fellow camera club friends. It’s very heavy and large, but it’s worth it since it’s so impressive looking. Sometimes I also attach it to the back of my car so that people on the interstate think that my car is rocket powered. Super buy!
on November 29, 2016
I love this lens. When I am not taking photos of people in Asia from by backyard, I rent it as an apartment to a small family. They enjoy the spacious cavern inside the lens and generally do not mind leaving on the rare occasions when I need to compete with the Hubble space telescope. A great investment!
on August 19, 2016
I accidentally pointed this into the sun while trying to wrestle it onto a tripod, and my 5d Mk III instantly turned to a cloud of hot vapour. Also possibly my brother Bartholomew, whom I have not seen since the incident. He was standing behind me.

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