When it comes to portraying daily life, William Eggleston is one of the names that first comes to mind. Best known as a pioneer of color photography, his work celebrates the interesting details of everyday life. He captures ordinary scenes and objects through evocative use of color, superb composition and unique expressions.

In case you’re just hearing about William Eggleston, UK-based Tatiana Hopper provides a quick dive into his photography, including his black and white photos. This lesser known body of work gives us a broader view of how Eggleston saw the world at that time, and what typically caught his eye. It’s also interesting to see how his fascination with everyday American life is reflected from this early work to his iconic color photography.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a quick inspiration for documenting the simplicity of everyday life, Hopper also talked about some of Eggleston’s projects that especially resonated with her.