There’s no question that vintage Leica cameras are among the most iconic and gorgeous cameras ever made. So, it’s not surprising to find them on the wishlists of many film photographers and vintage camera collectors today. If that sounds like you, we’re sure you’ll find today’s featured restoration story particularly interesting!

In the video above, portrait and street photographer Maximilian Heinrich of Analog Insights talked about how he inherited an 85-year-old Leica IIIa and had it restored to its former glory. Apart from the less than ideal cosmetic condition, an initial test shoot revealed that the rangefinder camera works okay. However, there were some internal problems that showed its age and caused poor quality images. A closer look and some research also revealed interesting details about the history and provenance of the camera.

Of course, Heinrich also took us along Leica camera’s restoration journey. He explained in detail all the necessary repairs beautifully done by his friend Jules. Fortunately, he didn’t need to shell out a small fortune to have it fixed by the official Leica service center in Wetzlar, Germany. We definitely have a lucky film photographer here!