If you’re feeling bored or uninspired about photography, it may be time for you to take on a photography challenge. Apart from being a fun creative exercise, it will also help you get acquainted with setups that are new to you. Among the most popular photography challenges you can try is the minimalist gear challenge, where you should only use one camera and one lens for an entire outdoor shoot.

As an example and source of inspiration, you can first take a look at the 35mm lens edition that the folks of SLR Lounge and Adorama recently did. The goal of this challenge is to use the chosen focal length to focus on the artistry and getting the shot instead of the photography gear. So, if you’re not used to using 35mm lenses or you’re yet to try it for other kinds of photography, you might want to give this challenge a try.

This minimalist gear challenge comes in two parts, so after watching the video above, make sure to check out the second video as well!

Once you’re done taking this challenge, don’t forget to share your results with us over at the Photofocus Community!