Looking for a project to spark your imagination? Read about this creative creation challenge and get ready to stimulate your inspiration!

Photography is a wonderful way to express ourselves. It allows us to share thoughts, values and stories to inspire others. If you are a photographer — or enjoy taking photographs — chances are you are a creative person. As you know, creativity comes in many shapes and forms. So who said you have to stick with a single one to share your message?

Let your creativity speak … without limits

Is there something artistic you used to do as a child that you stopped doing once you stepped into the “adult world?” Do you ever feel the need to create in a totally different way than what you usually do?

For example, to photograph a subject that doesn’t fit with the kind of subject people expect from you (such as moving from landscape to portraiture or from architecture to food photography). Or would you like to express yourself in another artistic medium (such as painting, drawing, dancing, writing/playing music, video editing or writing)? I have.

chains creativity challenge
Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

Being stuck in its own head

I am well-positioned to understand the concept of “niche” and specialty photography. All of my work over the past few years has been focused on sports, competitions and physical performance. That’s how I wanted to be known and in order to be consistent with my image. I never allow myself to publicly share anything that deviated from this style.

Discovering new avenues

The “forced downtime” of the past year has allowed me to reconnect with old passions — my greatest one being writing — and merge my skills from different fields to create something totally new and extremely different that has absolutely nothing to do with sport. And IT IS SO EXCITING.

Creative creation
“In my head,” written by myself. Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash.

The creative creation challenge

Today, I dare you to expand your creativity to different many horizons. Through the past few weeks, I’ve started to write poetry again. And then, I’ve decided to merge these texts with pictures.

The goal is not to think about how — or if — all these different ways of expression could connect together. Just do it for the pleasure it provides you — whether it’s dancing, painting or writing. You’ll soon realize that one will nourish the other, even if it has apparently nothing to do with it.

Go ahead, make time for yourself

It’ll make you feel energized and more creative than ever! The creative brain needs to be stimulated in many ways to reach its full potential. Do whatever makes you feel good and go with the flow!