One of the most common misconceptions when shooting studio portraits is that you always need a multiple lighting setup to get great results. However, you can actually achieve great shots even with just one light source. You just need a good knowledge of some nifty lighting techniques!

In the video above, UK-based portrait and travel photographer Tommy Reynolds talks about five easy ways you can use a single light to shoot great studio portraits. His choice of light modifier is a 150cm Pixa Pro softbox, which he finds versatile and perfect for studio work. You can consider this recommendation if you’re still looking for one. But, whatever you have should already be good for practice!

By simply changing the angle and height of the light source, or switching up your subject’s pose, you can already achieve different looks on your portraits. He also shows how to pair the soft box with a reflector to bounce some of the light and fill in the shadows under the eyes and chin.

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