Insects are among the most fascinating subjects for macro photographers. There are thousands of photos out there that will prove that. Today’s macro photography inspiration, while from some years back, never fails to amaze whether or not you’re into this genre. In case you missed it, the video above by National Geographic is worth the watch.

The short documentary introduces us to British photographer Levon Biss and his impressive macro photography featuring bugs in full, intricate detail. First, he shares how he came to do the insect photography he is now best known for. It started out as a hobby he picked up as a break from his sports and portrait photography. Eventually, it became a major project backed by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and culminated in an exhibit in 2016. 

The painstaking work and attention to detail involved in these insect portraits — as Biss fittingly calls them — is astounding. The stunning details he captured were also further amplified in big prints to show us these bugs like we’ve never seen them before. 

Want to learn more about Biss’ beautiful macro photography? Make sure you also watch his equally interesting and inspiring TED Talk