I love photography challenges. I always find it entertaining and inspiring to see what photographers can come up with given the constraints and rules of these activities. If you’re into landscape photography, today’s 70mm challenge with Nigel Danson and James Popsys may be particularly interesting to you!

The two previously did a photography challenge where they used one focal length each — 24mm for James and 200mm for Nigel. This time, however, they decided to challenge each other with the 70mm only. Their chosen location? Newborough Beach in Northern Wales. After laying down the rules, they each went shooting separately. The perspective in the video above is from Nigel, but you might also want to see how things went from James’ end.

Photography challenges like this are great for getting plenty of ideas from two (or more) photographers on how to work in a given scene or location. Those of us who have been following Nigel’s work for a while now know that he likes working with various abstract elements in the location to lead our eyes around the scene. James, meanwhile, went for more sweeping shots for this challenge.

So, who do you think won this 70mm landscape photography challenge? Share your insights with us in the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!