Been saving up for a new camera and think it’s finally time for you buy one? There’s no problem with that if you’re in urgent need of an upgrade, especially if you’re a professional photographer. However, you may want to consider investing in something else if you simply feel that getting a new camera will allow you to take better photos.

Instead, London-based George Muncey of Negative Feedback suggests investing in improving your own photography skills first. In the quick video above, he discusses the importance of knowing your technical limitations and actively doing something to address them. It may not necessarily involve enrolling yourself in a photography course; it can even be setting aside some funds to finally start (or continue) the photography project you’ve always wanted to do.

By investing in yourself, you’ll be expanding your photography skills, enriching your creative mindset, changing the way you see things and getting the inspiration that you may already be in bad need of. The key is to become a better photographer because of your skills, ideas and perspectives — not because you have a fancy new gear that may be outdated sooner than you think.