Negative space is one of the most important tools of visual language and storytelling. We especially see it at work in minimalist photography. However, having a good idea on how to use it proves useful for all kinds of photography. It works wonders for your composition, even if you just want to simplify your photos a bit.

In the video above, Sydney, Australia-based travel photographer Pat Kay gives a detailed explanation of negative space — what it is, what it does and why you should know how to apply it to your photography. One of the key takeaways is it dictates the visual hierarchy, or the most important part of an image. 

To demonstrate his points, Kay also showed a bunch of examples and pointed out where the negative space is on each. He also points out some of the uses of this technique apart from simply creating minimalist compositions. Pair it with effective element placement and intentional storytelling and you’ll surely get simple but stunning results.

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