Ever wondered how to create those stunning long exposure photos? Or, have they intimidated you because you felt they needed special tools like filters to achieve? It’s a technique that is typically used for landscape photography and fine art photography, so it’s definitely a useful skill to learn. Fortunately, it’s something you shouldn’t be afraid to try. You can definitely create stunning long exposures without any special filters on your lenses.

In the video above, professional photographer and educator Gary Gough explains why filters aren’t always necessary for long exposure photos. Since accessories like ND filters reduce the light coming into your sensor, you’ll only need them if you’re shooting in conditions that are too bright. So, if you time your shoot during sunrise or sunset, you’re good to go with just your camera, lens and trusty tripod! 

Of course, he demonstrates how it all comes together with a scenic shoot, extending his shutter speed as the scene gets darker. The result? Some really beautiful and minimalistic long exposures with minimal equipment! 

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