When we speak of versatile focal lengths, 50mm lenses are among the top choices. A favorite of many portrait and street photographers, the focal length is flattering for capturing both scenes and people. Still, since we’re talking about versatility, it’s fair to wonder if it’s a good choice for group photos as well. The short answer is, yes; it’s tricky, but doable.

Normally, focal lengths with a wider field of view are your first choices when shooting groups of people. Still, if 50mm is all you have at the moment, the video above should help you get great results. Pete LaGregor of Photography Goals shares his five tips on how to take beautiful group photos, whether for personal or professional work.

Among the most important of these is having enough space to work with. While a wide angle lens will let you get close to your subjects and shoot comfortably in a small or tight space. With a 50mm lens, however, you’ll need to have enough space to move back and get everyone in your frame. It’s often not a problem when you’re shooting outdoors. But indoors, you’ll have to pick your location wisely.

Another reason to have plenty of working space is so you’ll have some room around your subjects for adjustments. This way, you can crop the photos to different sizes without cutting off people’s limbs or heads.

Pay attention to the rest of the 50mm tips here and you’ll be on your way to nailing beautiful group photos in no time!

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