Medium format, whether in film or digital, remains a top choice for achieving superb image quality, high resolution, and optimum detail capture. However, the cameras are more expensive than their full frame counterparts, making them less accessible to most photographers. For those who are looking for a work around, there’s now an interesting solution. The new Fotodiox lens adapter makes it possible to create medium format images with a full-frame camera.

In the video above, Paris-based Mathieu Stern shared his experience with the RhinoCam Vertex, which he described as a revelation. With the bigger format especially useful for portrait photography, he naturally went shooting portraits with this new tool. The lens adapter rotates so you can take four photos to stitch together into a full medium format photo. Got a full frame camera? If you can get your hands on a medium format lens, you’re good to go with this interesting contraption!

The RhinoCam Vertex, admittedly, has some downsides that can affect your results and how you shoot. But Stern’s interesting results show that going this route instead of a pricey camera can be worth the extra effort!