When is a cupcake not a cupcake? When it is a gorgeous soap. Yes, a soap!

These incredible creations are from Planetyum. They have a huge selection and I ordered three. Why soap? I teach a lot of workshops, and having to order in and then either eat or throw out cupcakes is costly and wasteful. These ‘cupcakes’ are so believable the first time I brought them out that my students could not believe they were not real. They photograph beautifully and when it does not HAVE to be a real cupcake, they hold up great under numerous conditions.

I felt in a teaching environment such as a workshop, that these fake cupcakes were great. They’re so much easier than dealing with real cupcakes on several levels. They are reusable (saving you money) and hold up under artificial light really well. Often cream frosting can sag and lose its shape under artificial lights for extended periods of time.

They came well packaged in individual boxes, which are handy for storage. There is no mess when handling them, so no sticky fingers around camera gear. Such a time saver as well — I did not have to stand in line at the cake store and then try to get them home in one piece, or the alternative of trying to make them ‘camera’ perfect at home. While I am a decent cook, I sometimes fall short when it comes to cake decorating.

So when it does not HAVE to be real cupcakes, for say a client shoot, think about some fake alternatives. Having a few of these on hand can really be a great addition to your prop kit, especially for background fill. Oh and they smell divine as well. They are not the same as the real thing, but they sure were a talking point at a recent workshop.

Comes under the heading, fake it til you make it?