Among the most common mistakes of landscape photography beginners is not paying attention to the foreground of the scene. This results in uninteresting photos that don’t have a main subject. Or, if there are foreground elements, they don’t effectively lead the eyes towards an object of interest. If you’re looking to specialize in landscape photography, you need to master incorporating foreground in your shots.

In the video above, we have UK-based Nigel Danson explaining to us why we need to pay attention to foregrounds to get better landscape photos. He also takes us around some stunning locations to demonstrate how he uses the foreground to create interesting results. His tips and techniques should also help us make our compositions more eye-catching, whatever focal length or orientation we choose.

As a bonus, he also includes some tips for focus stacking to make sure that everything in the frame is sharply focused. That’s another nifty editing technique to have for landscape photography!

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