Are you dreaming of seeing your work on the pages of travel magazines? Or do you simply want to get better at travel photography? Whichever the case, it pays to learn from seasoned photographers themselves. For today’s inspiration, how about getting some valuable tips straight from a National Geographic photographer?

In the video above, B&H Photo Video featured Jim Richardson and his five tips for destination and travel photography. For him, taking better travel photos means being able to photograph a variety of subjects. This means you’ll have to be ready to switch from landscape, street or portrait photography as the scene requires. Also, the goal of travel photography is to capture and present a sense of place, so the destination is your main priority. Seeing the location through your lens and perspective may also be fascinating to your readers. But before anything else, their interest is in the place itself.

Is seeing your work published in travel magazines part of your goals? Richardson also gave some tips on how to make your work print-ready. This is actually one of the most important aspects of creating work with the intention of getting published. Of course, the page designers will have to incorporate your photos in their layouts and spreads, so they will prioritize images that have enough space for type, headlines and logos.

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