Planning to hit the beach soon for a scenic portrait session? You’d best be ready with some fresh ideas that make the most out of your location. You don’t always need a fancy setup for this. With today’s featured tips, you’ll be able to make some stunning beach portraits in natural light!

In the video above by Adorama, Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge shares his easy tips for better beach portraits. In each of the scenarios he presented, the goal is to use natural light to your advantage and incorporate the environment into your shots. So, a big portion of these tips involves being mindful of how the light falls onto the scene and your subject. Another is to use elements in the environment as either framing devices or interesting backdrops. Also, that tip about using the sea foam as a natural fill for bouncing some of the light to your subject. That’s really clever!

As Jirsa also mentioned, these tips can also come in handy if you’re doing engagement shoots or fashion portraits. Hopefully, these tips and scenarios gave you some ideas that you can tweak for different portrait projects!

Got some tricks of your own to add to the list? Drop your beach portrait tips in the comments below, or start a discussion on the Photofocus Community portrait photography group!