Do you want to do product photography but don’t know where to begin? Do you think you need to set up a studio with all the pro equipment just to begin? You’d be surprised to know that you can actually create amazing product shots right in the comfort of your home.

In the video above, UK-based filmmaker and photographer Omar Al Zidjali showed us how we can easily do product photography at home. All you need is a spot next to the window where there’s plenty of natural light, some colorful paper, tape, your product, and your camera.

To make the product shots pop, he put the color theory to work. He picked two complementary colors as the backdrop of his shoot. Not only did it make his chosen product stand out. It also made the entire photo more eye-catching. After a bunch of small tweaks in Lightroom, he was done!

Zidjali’s tutorial video tells us that it’s totally possible to create some beautiful and professional results even without a studio or extensive post-processing knowledge. Keep practicing with some small items and you’ll definitely be on your way to making great product photography.

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