Planning to do some senior girl portrait sessions anytime soon? Whether you’re doing it for the first time or feeling uninspired from doing it over and over, it helps to prepare some posing ideas. Among the ways to do this is to put together a mood board or look up Pinterest for some pegs. Or, you can pick up some tips from other photographers who specialize in senior portraits!

Today, you can start with the video above from family and senior photographers Erin and Emily of E-Squared YouTube channel. They share 12 easy, go-to poses that they do in their senior girl portrait sessions. However, they can also work for posing women in general, so you’ll surely be able to use them for other portrait projects. What’s especially great about these poses is they give the models something to do with their hands. This ensures that the hands aren’t awkwardly positioned. As always, you can make your own variations for each pose to suit the theme or mood of your shoot. Feel free to improvise and experiment!

Want more senior portrait ideas like these? Pop in our portrait photography group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community and ask your fellow photographers for their suggestions!