Posing subjects is one of the things that many beginner portrait photographers struggle with. Not anyone can have access to professional models for their practice and projects, especially in today’s challenging times. So, it makes sense to shoot with friends and family and just guide them when it comes to poses. Posing men who aren’t models can be extra challenging for both you and your subject. But, today’s easy tips will help you with that!

In her video above, Sydney-based portrait photographer Julia Trotti shares some of her quick tips for posing men. The goal is to come up with natural and relaxed poses that any non-model can do comfortably. Some of them are basic yet flattering poses that they won’t be self-conscious with. There’s also good variety in the poses she demonstrates so you have plenty of options for creating interesting portraits. Feel free to experiment with angles and variations — you’ll be surprised at how good your results can be!

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