Adapting vintage lenses to digital cameras are among the most popular ways for today’s photographers to get creative. They’re mostly affordable, come in various focal lengths and now very easy to adapt to mirrorless and DSLRs. We’ve shared quite a bit about the topic, and even shared some photographers’ reasons for adapting these old lenses. But in case you’re looking for a more in-depth guide, today’s featured video will be especially useful.

In his guide above, UK-based Peter McLeod begins with his own takes on why adapting vintage lenses is a good idea. Some of these, you may hear for the first time, especially if you’ve only just started to consider pairing your digital camera with some good old glass. Next, he gives some tips on where and how you can score one of these lenses (hint: ebay). You’re also going to need the right lens adapter that corresponds to your camera mount.

Lastly, he also mentions other technical details and considerations that you may come across when adapting vintage lenses.

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