Tomorrow, Skylum’s newest software program — AirMagic — hits the market. I’ve had a chance to try it out for the past couple weeks. And despite the fact that I’m not a drone photographer, I have to say I’m impressed with what this program can do.

Despite the fact that I don’t have a drone, I know several people who do. And they all have the same complaints. Their photos are often hazy, not sharp and just not that professional quality. This means they have to spend a ton of time editing their photos.

AirMagic changes that, offering a one-click editing solution. And while it might not solve every editing problem, it’s certainly a great start.

What makes AirMagic unique?

Anyone who has ever used Photolemur will immediately be comfortable with using AirMagic. The two programs carry the same look and feel.

But beyond the interface, the two apps are drastically different. AirMagic reads your drone photo files and applies lens correction and other adjustments based off the drone you were using, similar to how Luminar does automatic lens correction, and how Lightroom reads the camera and lens you used and allows you to make similar corrections.

Basic adjustments

Skylum provided some sample images to use for my testing, and in dealing with those, the feature I was most impressed with was the program’s ability to fix the haze issues. In this photograph from Zhenya Dokanin, the haze issues are clear.

But once I apply AirMagic to it, the haze issues are cleaned up, and the photograph is way more appealing.

AirMagic adjustments at 100%

The automatic adjustments also boosted the saturation of the image and made it a bit sharper.

Lens corrections

If you’re photographing wide, you will undoubtedly also experience some lens distortion. AirMagic does a prolific job at fixing these, as shown in these images from Photofocus editor Kevin Ames.

You’ll also notice how AirMagic straightened the horizon, and really did a great job of boosting the colors.


AirMagic also comes with a few built-in styles, shown in the photo below from Iurie Belegursch. You can download more, or import styles from Photolemur as well.

Will AirMagic replace Lightroom or Luminar?

Yes and no. For enthusiasts, AirMagic is an amazing tool that lets you get more out of your drone photographs without hardly any work on your end. For professionals, AirMagic might be a great starting point, where you can then bring the photograph back into Lightroom or Luminar, and continue tweaking.

While AirMagic runs as a stand-alone piece of software, it’s also available as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop — meaning you can easily send a photo in your existing software over to AirMagic to begin the process.

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